Jake Ball falls in the final over India closing in on victory

India well and firmly on their way to reclaim the English fortress and they seem to be keen on doing it in utter style. Virat Kohli could end up giving a masterclass on how to grab a steal contest. Scoring his third double ton in less than half a year, he treated us to masterclass of playing on a track that was nowhere as close to the highway it made it seem. 

He managed to get the entire ground on its feet, a ground where he was booed not so long ago. Ahh, how the tables turn. So, with enough cobras yet to be unleashed off the track and some dodgy defences to clean up the path to the first series victory in four attempts against the English doesn't look distant.

Stokes is gone in an unfortunate fashion sweeping onto his boot

43.3 overs Ashwin to Stokes, out Caught by Vijay!! Umpire Bruce once again with a rather uncertain decision. Took ages to raise the dreaded finger. In fact the Indians had appealed for the LBW as soon as the ball went past Stokes's pad. But then gully gobbled up the nick and the appeal only grew from there. 

An appeal for everything in the scenario when a team doesn't have any reviews left. Bruce takes the punt and works out the odds to give Stokes the marching orders. The guilty look on Stokes's face says it all. Walks up to Bairstow and confirms the fact that he hit it. An attempted reverse sweep the undoing. Off the bat and the umpires go up to refer the catch and the bump ball. Nothing, all clean. England lose another. The Wankhede finds its vocal chords once again. Stokes c Vijay b Ashwin 18(30)

Fifty for Jonny Bairstow, an important innings from him

43.1 overs Ashwin to Bairstow, 1 run, yet another half-century for the Yorkshireman. The year only keeps getting better. Gets there with a tuck off the hips round the corner.

Big one Jayant Yadav trapping Joe Root

34.4 overs Jayant Yadav to Root, out Lbw!! Root walks! Why did not he review? Is well behind. India have got their man. Jayant Yadav is delighted. Should be. He has trapped the best England batsman. Once again Root picks the wrong ball to go on the back foot. He has been out to Jayant Yadav in a similar fashion. 

Did not do his homework. Went back to a fuller ball to defend, it turned and hit him low. Height couldn't have be an issue there. Erasmus raised his finger pretty quickly. Root could have reviewed that but since the on-field call was out. He did not want to waste that. Nonetheless, fought well. The replay is on the dismissal, HawkEye showed that the ball was hitting leg-stump. Root lbw b Jayant Yadav 77(112) 

Fifty for Joe Root, it's been a good knock under pressure

Fifty for Root! He picks it up with back-to-back boundaries off Ashwin – first reverse-sweeping, then driving four more through the covers. 

Considering the struggle for most of the England batsmen on this pitch, that is already quite a considerable effort. Still a fair few more runs need from England’s vice-captain though.

England in big trouble as Moeen falls for a duck just before tea

It didn't take long for Kohli to turn to Jadeja and Ashwin once Bhuvi and Umesh had a short burst. Jadeja got captain Cook in his second over, before accounting for Mo in his third. 33.4 tough overs await England. 

Jadeja and Ashwin will be keen to get back out there and enjoy the surface more than anything else. They know that wickets will come with their accuracy. Can England stage a fight.

Jadeja completely in the groove and nails Moeen edges at slip

13.2 overs Jadeja to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Vijay!! Jadeja already has two. Has to credit Vijay though for this scalp, for it was a sharp low grab at leg gully. England cannot survive defending on this pitch. 

They need to learn quickly. Probably Root can educate them. Use of the feet will be key. Moeen Ali though just hangs back - allowing Jadeja to bowl into the rough and the ball to turn and bounce - and tries to fend, ends up turning it into the on-side, went off the face of the bat, Vijay dived low to his right and caught it one-handed. Moeen Ali c Vijay b Jadeja 0(3)